Bailey’s CBD oil for dogs review

I have been learning so much, mostly about how to tell how potent a CBD oil that I am thinking of buying for my dog is.  My original take on Bailey’s CBD was positive, but lacking in any real info. So, here is the new, improved review and the lab tests which I’ll explain as I go.


Another thing I enjoyed about Bailey’s lab test page was that it had options for me to read the results. These first ones are how many milligrams per gram of which cannabinoids and an estimate of the percentages in the bottle..  As you can see, there is CBD and also some CBC.  (Please see the Cannabinoid Education page for explanation of the differences.  As one can plainly see, the amount of THC is non detectable which is why it doesn’t get the user “high”.   Here is a differently worded copy of the same results, this time in amount of milligrams per milliliter, serving size being 1 milliliter or a dropperful roughly.I liked this format, it was easier to understand, at least for me.  This product works for my dog, he allows me to drop it straight into his mouth, there is no taste to this oil, and it does also contain coconut oil. I didn’t like the fact that there aren’t actual batch numbers on the individual bottles, but their test results are easy to understand and my dog is having a good reaction from it.

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