Bailey’s– not just for human nightcaps!

The unlikeliest of places

Lately, lots of places have been popping up that sell CBD oil for dogs but most are kind of out-of-the-way sort of places dispensaries in Shady part of town or an industrial area where you wouldn’t expect to see them many you can’t even tell from the outside that they are dispensaries at all. Last year in our attempt to find hemp oil for dogs, Chachi and I came across a wonderful little store that doubles as a gas station. It’s on 7th Street in Long Beach, the cross street being Redondo Boulevard, and it’s called American Gas . Or is it American Vape ? To be honest with you, I forget. But you can’t miss it. their gas pumps right now aren’t open, they are under construction so there is a big chain link fence around that area, but the store is still open. There are lots of signs outside stating that it’s the place to find all your CBD oil needs.

So, although the name makes you think of that milky light brown alcoholic substance that tingles the taste buds around Christmas time especially, this is very different kind of “Bailey’s”. Which is better? I suppose that depends on exactly what you’re looking for at the moment! Lol.

American Gas actually carry a few different types of CBD oils for dogs. And this is the third one with that we’ve tried.

Bailey’s complete balanced diet, CBD OIL FOR DOGS, made with organically grown hemp 300 mg

I like to taste a little sample of every CBD oil I give to my dog before I give it to him, just to make sure it doesn’t taste horrible or something like that. Bailey’s with a cute little dog design on the front, the face of a pug, surely someone’s pet, does not taste bad. It is a little nutty but mostly taste like if you took a bit of plain coconut oil infused with a couple nuts. Not bad at all actually. My dog had been out of the brand that we had been using last time for about a week so he had some time to get the other stuff out of his system.

So far so good. His energy has vastly increased from the week that he was without any CBD oil. His appetite has also returned. I would say that this is one of the more favorable flavored oils that we’ve had so far. He seems to be tolerating it easier than a couple of the other ones that we have tried.

The ingredients on the bottle simply read full plant hemp and fractionated coconut oil, made with non GMO ingredients. The oil is a nice golden color, and they ask you to shake the product well before administering. There are tiny little granular substances infused in the soil, I’m guessing part of the natural hemp plant.

And they pay it forward!

They are also rooted in giving back to the community, and for every four items sold, they donate a bottle of hemp oil to a pet rescue in need…which is very cool if you ask me.

In conclusion

To date adverse reactions from my dog so I’d have to say that we recommend this product. . appears to be doing its intended function. This hemp oil for dogs gets our approval.

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