CTFO-A review of this CBD oil

It took a minute and a half to get here.  My analysis of CTFO’s product.

CTFO means Changing the Future Outcome

Interesting concept, and that is why several months ago I chose to join a site called CTFO.   They had an offer to set up a website for me and show me what I needed to succeed.  At first, it appeared to be a good deal.  They have a good concept and although I hadn’t actually used any of their products, it looked like a promising affiliate program to join.

The Pros

  1. Their website has gotten WAY better over time. The overall look and feel of their product and the ads that affiliates are able to utilize has grown by leaps and bounds! Where before, there was a shiny coin on a beach, there is now a pirate’s treasure chest!
  2. They are real when they say that you do not have to EVER purchase anything from them, however, the affiliate incentives if you do are much more lucrative.  In a business such as this, it only seems logical to actually sample the product anyways to be able to be 100% “behind it”.
  3. Having used their product, I can now say that it is very good quality, in that it has produced very pronounced changes in my dog’s daily behavior.  Also, I personally try every CBD oil that I administer to my dog, and can tell you that this one is completely odorless and tasteless, which for me and my pup is essential.  He is very picky and this makes it much easier to administer his doses.
  4. This is the only company thus far that has supplied me with a lot number on the bottle, which tells me that they are testing and regulating their product and it’s quality.  I love this!

The Cons

  1. The first time I ordered from them, I didn’t receive my product in a timely manner.  It made me very leery of pushing their product, as this kind of thing doesn’t make for good business.  I had to send emails to the site administrators to get my product, and then it was sent to the billing address on my credit card instead of to the address I had put in to ship to.

Everyone deserves a second chance

I have set up a monthly subscription to this site, so I will keep you informed as to whether or not the site is dependable in that way.  However, the sheer quality of the product has more than made up for their one screw up.  As long as it is just one. Crossing my fingers.  In the meantime, if you’d like to check out what they have to offer, please visit https://myctfo.me/cristaleyes/

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