“I can’t be bribed”….Chachi the dog

Many dogs, upon offering them food of ANY variety, will tend to snap.  I’ve encountered MANY like that.  However, MY dog, Chachi, is very different.. I used to just think he was picky, and it turns out, he IS a bit finicky.  That very word takes me back to the “Morris the Cat” commercials.  Uh-oh..I’m showing my age….ha ha.

Anyways, my dog must first smell what you got going.. then, if it seems to possibly be something palatable for him, he will take it from your hand ever so gently into his mouth, and then drop it on the floor in front of himself for further taste-testing.  It’s really quite comical to watch.  I’m not talking about fruit or vegetables, because there’s just no WAY he’s gonna eat those!  I’m talking about BACON!

It sounds crazy, I know, but even upon being offered freshly cooked bacon, he has been known to decline.  I became a little concerned, actually, and now know why he was losing weight.  He wasn’t just watching his svelte figure, it was because of the huge tumor forming around his prostate, his appetite was just not there.

Nowadays, he won’t eat anything, until he has had his daily dose of CBD oil.  The one I have been using most recently, by CTFO, truly works wonders.  I give him a dropperful twice a day, and about an hour later, he is willing and ready to eat.  It doesn’t matter what time of day it is,   I have had instances when I forget to bring it in my purse, and we don’t get it to him until 3pm.  It doesn’t matter, until he has it, he just refuses to eat. Not hungry.

Chachi used to weigh 75 lbs.  At the time we found out about the tumor, he was about 50 lbs.  Today, after 3 months of a regimen of CBD of some sort twice a day, he is weighing in at 58 lbs. 

I would be very interested in hearing if anyone else has had this sort of reaction from their dogs with any ailments.

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