Mix RX CBD oil for pets review

**note**can no longer be found on Amazon but can order directly through company website.

The newest CBD oil I have been using on Chachi this month is by a company called Mix RX which offers an enhanced pet hemp oil, premium hemp extract.   I purchased 1 oz or 30 ml with 1,000 mg in it which is a higher potency than what he’s usually has. I like this one a lot. He doesn’t try to shy away from me whatsoever when I drop it in his mouth. in fact,  I put some drops on some Rawhide chews that I had that he would not eat and he munched them right down.

There is very little taste to this oil as well, but it does have a bit of a peanut smell,  not very strong though.  I am noticing that as we progressed through a different kind of oils he does seem to be wanting more, higher potency is seeming to work better in other words.


What the company says is different about them is that they use a special technology called Nano Emulsion technology or nanotechnology.This is what they have to say about that  


The average size of our hemp oil droplet is 25 nanometers, compared with the industry standard’s 100-5000 nanometers. Most cbd manufacturers obtain this bigger droplet size with the liposomal delivery method. The minute size of our cbd nanoemulsion leads to a much larger surface area of the hemp oil droplets. This leads to a much higher absorption rate in the bloodstream.”


This Is a USA based company with a  full spectrum product. They preserve the full spectrum profile of non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids and synergistic compounds such as cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), cannabichromene (CBC), and over 40 naturally preserved terpenes.


As I stated earlier, product that I bought had 1000 mg per 1 oz as opposed to 300 mg per 1 oz and also have the added benefit of being sold on Amazon dot-com and I got two bottles for the very low price of $ 19.99 which was a deal and a half!  I probably should have bought more, because now I’m searching for it, the product is no longer there on Amazon. 🙁


Chachi give this product two paws up double wag of the tail!

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