My boy likes to run!- an attribute that I consider due to CBD oil

Okay, so where I used to live, there is a long stretch of grass leading to a long defunct mental hospital that is renowned in Los Angeles. Well, my Chachi used to love running this stretch of grass, and would make whining noises whenever we got near.   So , the other day, we were going to a friend’s in Camarillo, and if you’ve ever been there, you know it’s mostly fields, miles and miles of fields.  He begins making whining sounds and actually shaking, so I thought maybe he has to do “doggie-stuff”, so I pull over and open the door.  He takes off like a shot, running as if he is running that stretch of grass again.  I was shocked!  He hasn’t felt well enough to make that run in a while!  I had to start up my car and chase him along the highway! It truly made my heart sing.

this is him making that run several years ago.  I attribute it all to CBD. 4 months ago, he didn’t have the strength to do this run, and while this video is of him several years ago, the run he did the other day was twice as long and he goes FAST!!!

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  1. Shannon Lesley says: Reply

    Way to go Chachi!!
    I am glad he feels better but you never mentioned what was wrong with him. How old is he and what type of breed is he? I would have loved to see the video from a couple of days ago, however, this one was just as fine. Congrats on finding an alternative medicine for your little loved one.

    good job,

    1. Thank you Shannon. About 4 months ago I was told he has a softball size “mass” around his prostate. He was losing weight and was lethargic. I began a regime of CBD oil and now he is feeling much better!

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